Adam Hicks Net Worth

Adam Hicks Net Worth

Adam Hicks is an American singer, songwriter and actor. He is popular for his role as Wendell Gifford in the Disney telefilm, Lemonade Mouth. In addition to acting, Hicks is also a rapper and a singer. His first television appearance was in the series Titus. However, he is better known for his role as Luther in the cartoon Zeke and Luther. Despite being very famous, he is very private about his personal life.

When Adam Hicks was eight years old, he began to show interest in the entertainment industry. He was part of a school play called “Tom Sawyer” and enjoyed performing for his parents. Later, he was given a chance to work with a local talent scout firm. After he showed promise, he was given a break in Las Vegas.

The following year, Hicks made his big screen debut with the comedy film Down and Derby. In the following years, he was cast in many movies and television shows. Among these are the Disney movie Dog with a Blog, the series The Funkhousers, and the show Titus. He also starred in a remake of MC Hammer’s song, “U Can’t Touch This,” with Daniel Curtis Lee.

Before his acting career took off, Adam had small roles in several films and television shows. He also wrote a song with Ryan Newman entitled “Happy Universal Holidays.” But the real big step came when he had his own television series, Titus. A spinoff from Titus, titled Jonas, also featured him.

Though he is best known for his roles in the cartoon series Zeke and Luther, he has a number of other notable roles. Hicks played King Brady on the Disney sitcom Pair of Kings. He also appeared in the series The Boy Next Door. Also, he had a brief role in the movie Mostly Ghostly.

For a short while, he was also in the musical telefilm, Lemonade Mouth. While he was on the set of the show, he met his future wife, actress Chelsea Ricketts. Their relationship did not last long, however. They broke up in 2010. Currently, Adam is unmarried and has no children.

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The estimated net worth of Adam Hicks is $5 million. It is primarily derived from his salary as a TV actor. On top of his salary, he is also able to earn a modest sum from the sale of his sneakers. Some of his other assets include a house in Los Angeles and a pair of dogs.

Although Adam Hicks keeps his personal life largely private, he does have a few fans. He has an active Facebook page, and posts occasionally about his work. You can usually find him posting about what’s happening in the studio, where he’s going on tour, or sexy magazine cover pictures. Besides, his Twitter account is largely populated with selfies and videos. Considering his increasing fan base, it seems that Hicks will remain a popular celebrity for some time to come.

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