Brandon Howard Net Worth

Brandon Howard Net Worth – Pop Singer and Songwriter

If you are one of the many fans of the superstar pop singer Michael Jackson, then you may be interested to know about his son, Brandon Alexander Howard. This musician has also achieved fame as a successful Pop Singer and as a songwriter.

Aside from being famous in the United States, he has gained a lot of notoriety abroad as well. He was able to perform in Japan to promote the release of his latest album. In the past, he has been involved with other music artists such as Akon and Wyclef Jean. His work has also earned him a deserved reputation as one of the most popular Songwriters.

Brandon Howard began his career as a songwriter in 2002. He has since worked with various other talented singers and songwriters including Mario Winans, Ciara, and Teddy Riley. Among his best known songs are “Supermodel” (2005) and “Gone With The Wind” (2008), which he penned for Vanessa Hudgens. Other notable songs include “Favorite Girl” and “Passing By” from his Veteran album. Moreover, he has contributed to sports publications such as the Palm Beach Post and Dolphins Wire.

B Howard is a professional Pop Singer, whose estimated net worth is $15 million. However, his personal life remains largely unknown. Whether he is romantically involved with anyone is not clear. But he has a daughter, Bianca Alessandrea Howard.

Aside from his work as a musician, Howard is also an actor. He has played roles in the movies ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Malcolm X’. Also, he has written for the Dolphins Wire and USA Today, and has been a contributor to the Sports Talk Florida. Besides, he has also made a cameo in the recent Akon track.

He has also been credited with making a musical contribution to a recent China virtual star festival. His knowledge of the game of football is useful to football fans as well as fantasy players. As a result, he is now a contributing writer to The Athletic. Currently, he is working on his upcoming musical project, the American EP Special.

For a while, he had an artist name of Sonik. He even managed to exaggerate his size of business. To get a better idea of his current worth, you should consider his estimated net worth and the amount of money he has earned through his career.

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Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Howard has had his share of hiccups. He suffered from drug addiction in 2000 and was in detox for a while. Afterwards, he began working as a backup singer for several jazz greats. It was at this point that his life as a solo artist began to gain importance.

Though he is not the first person to use the tyke or the ole-fool-meets-the-magic-bullet, his accomplishments are still impressive. Among the things he has accomplished are his witticisms, his social media presence, and his songwriting and producing achievements.

Considering his accomplishments in the field of music, it is no wonder that his estimated net worth is worth a hefty sum. Not to mention that he has a great deal of popularity on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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