FBG Duck Net Worth

FBG Duck Net Worth

The famous rap artist, FBG Duck is still alive and has millions of fans. In fact, his net worth is around $500,000. He is also a part of the drill music genre, which is prevalent in Chicago.

FBG Duck was born on December 6, 1993 in Woodlawn, Chicago, Illinois, USA. At a young age, he was involved in gangs. Eventually, he became a member of Fly Boy Gang. Other members of the gang are Dutchie, Young Mellow, Cashout, and Billionaire Black. This group of musicians has a large fan base and many of its videos have been posted on YouTube.

One of the most popular songs of FBG Duck is “Slide.” His music video has over 53 million views on YouTube. Another one of his songs is titled “Face.” These songs have earned him a considerable amount of fame. As a result of his success, FBG Duck has a net worth of $500,000. 

While there is no exact information on the number of children that FBG Duck has, there is no doubt that he has a good number of fans. In addition to his numerous fans on YouTube, he has a good number of subscribers on his Facebook page. He has an Instagram account that regularly features photos of his daughter. He has also purchased several cars from his wealth.

FBG Duck was born in the shady neighborhood of the south side of Chicago. He had black hair and black eyes. However, his family was not very prominent. Only 12 people were allowed to live in his grandmother’s house. He had identical twin sisters.

When he was young, FBG Duck started his rap career by joining the gang. He created a rap group with his friends. They would perform at local events and submit their videos to YouTube. Soon, they gained a larger fan base.

During his early years, he had a squabble with a rapper called Edai. This led to an ongoing feud. Although FBG Duck was not the one who committed the murder, he reportedly stabbed his girlfriend. Later, he was shot in a drive-by shooting.

He died on August 4, 2020 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Before his death, his net worth was estimated to be around $500,000.

FBG Duck’s net worth was primarily generated through his rapping profession. He received funds from the sale of his songs and his mixtapes. He also had a record deal with Sony Music. His first single, “Slide,” had over 53 million views on YouTube. After the incident, the video went viral.

During his lifetime, he released many hits including “Face,” “Slide,” and “Twinkle.” FBG Duck was a successful rapper. He had a good height of 5.9 feet and weighed 88.4 pounds.

His mother is LeeSheena. He has a sister named LeAndrea White. The rest of his siblings are FBGBrick, FBG Day, and FBG Day 2. Some of his other relatives include his grandmother, uncle, and grandfather.

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