Jack Ezra Cash: Son Of John Carter Cash

Jack Ezra Cash is the son of John Carter Cash and his ex-wife, Laura Weber White. His father John Carter Cash is an American country singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is the only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and is known for his contributions to the country music industry. He has produced albums for various artists and has released several albums of his music. 

Jack Ezra Cash’s mother Laura was quite talented with the fiddle and won various contests as a young girl. Joey McKenzie, a fiddler, and guitarist taught her, and she eventually acquired the National Junior Fiddle Champion title in Weiser, Idaho at the age of seventeen.

How Old Is Jack Ezra Cash?

How Old Is Jack Ezra Cash?

According to some information, Jack Ezra Cash was born in the United States of America in 2006. Jack is 17 years old as of 2023. The precise day, month, and place of birth of Jack, who is the son of John Cash and his ex-wife Laura Weber, is a detail that has been withheld from public knowledge. Jack has two brothers; Annabelle and Joseph Cash.

When did Jack Ezra Cash’s Parents Get Married?

Jack Ezra Cash’s parents John Carter Cash and Laura Weber White got married in 2000. They divorced in 2013 when Jack was seven years old. After that Jack Ezra Cash’s father John Carter and Ana Cristina Cash tied married in 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina, making them Jack’s father and stepmother.

In July 2021, they welcomed James Kristoffer Cash as their second child. They run Cash Cabin Enterprises, LLC., where John does his music production work utilizing the Cash Cabin Studio, which is where his dad recorded some of his tunes a while before.

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Jack Ezra Cash Grandfather Johnny Cash

Jack Ezra Cash Grandfather Johnny Cash

Jack Ezra Cash’s grandfather, Johnny Cash, was a well-known American performer, composer, instrumentalist, and actor. His songs often reflected sadness, ethical issues, and being able to rise above adversities throughout his career.

He was renowned for his strong-toned, low-pitched voice, and the exceptional sound of his backing band, Tennessee Three, with their train-like guitar rhythms. He was also known for his dedication to challenging the status quo, his calm, modest nature, and his free prison concerts. He earned the name, “The Man in Black” thanks to his traditional all-black stage clothing.

How Did Jack Ezra Cash’s Parents Meet?

Jack Ezra Cash’s mother Laura and John Carter Cash started dating in 1999 when she joined the Press On tour with June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, Jack’s grandmother, and grandfather, respectively. Laura played on the 2003 Grammy-winning album Wildwood Flower, along with Johnny Cash’s American III and American IV albums playing the fiddle.

June Carter Cash also earned five Grammy awards for various works and was recognized in 2009 for her achievements in music, acting, dance, comedy, and writing when she was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame.

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Jack Ezra Cash is the son of John Carter Cash and his ex-wife Laura Weber White. He was born in 2006. His age is 13 years in 2023. His father is an American country singer, songwriter, and record producer. His mother is famous as the ex-wife of John Carter Cash. Jack Ezra Cash not much information is publicly available.

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