Kenia Ontiveros Net Worth

Kenia Ontiveros Net Worth

The Mexican reality star, Kenia Ontiveros, has been able to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has appeared on several TV shows and is also the founder of the Kenia makeup line. In fact, she is known as a teen model, beauty guru, and an influencer. Having worked in the field of television for many years, she has amassed a considerable fortune. However, she has not revealed the amount she makes or her marital status.

Kenia Ontiveros was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. During her early life, she lived with her mother. When she was growing up, she enrolled in a local high school. After she had completed her schooling, she moved to the United States with her mother. While in the US, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in drama. Her education has helped her achieve success in the world of entertainment. Her estimated net worth of $100K –  $1M.

Kenia Ontiveros and her mother are of Dominican descent. Though she is currently based in the US, she has strong ties to her native country. Moreover, she has a close bond with her mother. They share a great bond and her mother is very supportive of her career.

At the age of 19, Kenia had an opportunity to appear in a reality show called ‘Larrymania.’ Afterward, she continued to pursue her studies and enrolled at the University of New Mexico. During her time at the university, she began to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

After the appearance of Larrymania, Kenia’s popularity increased and she climbed the ranks of fame. Eventually, she became the CEO of the cosmetics line, Kenia Ontiveros Beauty. Currently, she has more than 1.9 million followers on her Instagram account. Besides this, she has her own YouTube channel. By selling her makeup line and appearing in a reality show, she has managed to generate a considerable income. Although she has yet to disclose the exact sum she earns, she has said that her income varies from $5544.5 to $7907.5 per year.

As of now, Kenia Ontiveros has an estimated net worth of between $100K –  $1M. She has accumulated this amount through her work, her makeup line, and her Instagram account. Moreover, she has a number of bank accounts and bonds.

One of the most notable sources of Kenia Ontiveros’s earnings is her reality show, Larrymania. During the course of the show, she made an average salary of $100,000 each season. Since then, she has continued to earn more and more money from her various sources. This includes her beauty line, Kenia Ontiveros Beauty, her makeup tutorial videos, and her own social media accounts. Despite her high earnings, she still prioritises her family.

She is married to Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and musician, Larry Hernandez. Throughout their relationship, they have been able to have two daughters together. The couple has been married since 2017.

According to reports, Kenia Ontiveros is expected to have a baby soon. Until then, she is living a happy and successful life with her husband, Larry Hernandez.

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