Stephen Talbot Net Worth

Stephen Talbot Net Worth – How Much Is Stephen Talbot Worth?

In 1968, Stephen Talbot was a member of the Black Panthers. He also participated in a series of protests against the Vietnam War. This sparked his interest in journalism. It was then that he decided to leave acting for a career in media. Now, he is an award-winning journalist and a member of the editorial staff at Frontline/World. His net worth is $1.9 million.

In addition to his work at Frontline, Talbot is also a producer and editor. His first job was in San Francisco at KQED-TV, where he produced local documentaries. Later, he was an executive producer at the Center for Investigative Reporting.

During his early years, Talbot appeared on many television shows. For instance, he played Gilbert Bates on Leave it to Beaver. The show aired on PBS for 56 episodes. He later worked as a guest star on other shows, such as “Why America Hates the Press” and “Diet Wars.” Despite his success as a television actor, he chose to pursue a career in journalism.

After graduating from Harvard High School, he continued his education at Wesleyan University. As an adult, he began his career in filmmaking. He served as an on-air reporter for KQED-TV and eventually became an executive producer at the center. Among the shows he has produced are independent documentaries, biographies of famous writers, and histories of political turmoil.

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One of his first films was a portrait of mystery writer Dashiell Hammett. Another was a documentary on presidential campaign financing. A third was a documentary about sex trafficking in Eastern Europe. These documentaries won awards. However, he is best known for his work at Frontline. Currently, he is the series editor for Frontline/World.

Currently, Stephen Talbot lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. They have been married since 1998. Talbot has been awarded several honors, including the George Foster Peabody Award, a DuPont Honor Award, and a Peabody Award.

Since 1992, Talbot has been involved with the PBS series Frontline. He has been responsible for the production of ten documentaries for the series. Most notably, he served as a senior producer of the Emmy-winning FRONTLINE/World documentary, Iraq: Saddam’s Road to Hell. Previously, he was the executive producer of director Mimi Chakarova’s expose of sex trafficking in Eastern Europe.

Talbot has also produced a documentary about the sex trafficking in the center East. He has also produced four documentaries for NBC’s Bay Area Revelations. Other projects include a Pulp History series for Simon & Schuster, and a documentary about global music for PBS. Moreover, he has written several books and is the co-author of “The Sixties: Years That Shaped a Generation,” with David Davis.

Talbot also produced a history documentary about the birth of his daughter, titled “Call the Midwife.” Besides his work on TV, he has also been a writer. With his siblings, he founded a media production company called the Talbot Players. He has also hosted the PBS Digital series Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders, and the internet music series Quick Hits.

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