Surya Bonaly Net Worth

Surya Bonaly Net Worth

Surya Bonaly is a French competitive figure skater who competed for the French National Team. She is also known for performing the only backflip performed on only one blade.

In her career, Surya Bonaly has won three silver medals at the World Figure Skating Championships and won two silvers at the European Figure Skating Championships. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Surya Bonaly was born in Nice, France in 1973. Her father is Georges Bonaly, an architect. His mother, Suzanne, was a physical education teacher. They adopted the young girl when she was eight months old. As a child, she played gymnastics, horse riding and diving. The Bonalys later moved to Paris.

When Surya was nine years old, she became French junior figure-skating champion in Cherbourg. She also placed fourth at the 1988 French Senior Championships in Grenoble. This made Surya a member of the French National Team. A year after her victory in Cherbourg, she travelled to Australia to compete at the Junior World Championships.

At the Worlds in 1991, Surya Bonaly took fifth place in the competition. However, the next season, she placed third. After this, she began to win silver medals. In 1994, she won silver medals at both the World Cup and World Championships. Until her retirement in 2015, she had won three silver medals at the World Cup.

Before retiring, she toured with a show called Champions on Ice. She also made appearances on several television shows, including NBC’s Will & Grace and NBC’s La Ferme Celebrites. One of her final performances was on a gala. During the competition, she was warned to avoid doing a backflip. It was only after the competition that officials decided that she could do a backflip. Ultimately, she did a backflip at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

Surya was initially known as Claudine. Her mother and father later changed her name. Eventually, Surya learned that her biological mother is from Reunion Island. While Surya was growing up, she thought that her parents were the ones who had a hand in the adoption of her. But Surya’s father admitted to the fabrication of the story.

On September 18, 2016, Surya Bonaly was engaged to professional skating coach Pete Biver. She is the daughter of an architect and a physical education teacher. Currently, she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is coaching.

The family lived in a van. They had five dogs. Carolyn was planning to move to San Francisco. But she had to change her plans after she attended Cirque du Soleil’s acrobatics camp. There were many challenges in the family’s life. For instance, Surya had a broken ankle.

Despite all the hardships, she never gave up. Although she never won an Olympic medal, Surya still considers herself a great figure skater. She has appeared in a PETA advertisement against the fur trade. She is also an advocate for maney saving and a founder of Maney Saving.

Surya Bonaly has also written a book about her life, which was published in 2007. Upon her retirement, she launched a cryptocurrency.

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