Sylvia Pasquel Net Worth

Sylvia Pasquel Net Worth 

Sylvia Pasquel is a Mexican actress who has been a famous name in the entertainment industry for over half a century. She has been married twice and is known for her work in Mexican telenovelas. Her career started with the film El despertar del lobo and she has also appeared in other films. In addition, she has gained fame in several other countries as well.

Besides her acting career, her net worth is $16 million. This estimate is based on the information provided by different sources. Although she has not disclosed her salary, the estimate is mainly based on the income that she has earned through her acting career.

Sylvia Pasquel is also well known for her role as Raquel in the film Johnny Chicano. She also appeared in the soap opera Mundo de Juguete. In fact, she has appeared in many other telenovelas as well. She also appeared in the movie Humillados y ofendidos, which was released in 1977. The film was produced by Rosy Ocampo.

Silvia Pasquel has been active in the entertainment industry since the early sixties. When she was eleven years old, she was introduced to her grandfather Moises Pasquel. It is also said that he was a great influence on her. However, she was not very famous in her early days. Nevertheless, she rose to prominence quickly. After a few years, she became a popular actress. As she grew in popularity, her success in the industry reached a peak.

Besides her acting career, Sylvia Pasquel has also been very successful in the business world. She has also been very famous in the business world. Her net worth in 2012 was estimated to be $10 million. Despite her high net worth, she prefers to lead a moderate life. In addition, she has four children. One of her daughters, Stephanie Salas, is an actress. Another daughter, Michelle Salas, is from her relationship with Luis Miguel.

Currently, Sylvia Pasquel is married to Rodolfo Soberanis. They have two children together. The first child was born in 1971 and the second in 1985. Their third child, Stephanie, was born in 2006. Among the most famous films that Sylvia Pasquel has been involved in are Que Pobres Tan Ricos, Santo vs. Blue Demon, Atlantis, and Discotec fin de semana.

Before getting married, she was in a romantic relationship with Rafael Banquells. The couple had one child together. After a few years, they divorced. Afterwards, she remained single for some time before she finally settled down with Gustavo Alatriste. Together, the couple had one child, Viridiana.

The birth of her daughter was the most important event for Sylvia. Her marriage to her second husband, Tulio Hernandez Gomez, began in 1982. A year later, they were divorced. Following that, Sylvia Pasquel was married to actor Carlos Frade. Both of these marriages have brought in plenty of wealth for both of them.

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