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10 Incredibly Useful Office Tricks Every Office Worker, Especially Accountants, Must Know

by Jimmy

In today’s fast-paced office environment, mastering essential tools and shortcuts can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. Particularly for accountants and office workers, proficiency in Excel skills, including shortcuts and handy tricks, is indispensable. Not only do these techniques facilitate swift and convenient operations, saving time and boosting productivity, but they also demonstrate professionalism and proficiency in Excel, earning admiration from peers and superiors alike.

1. Instant Lock Screen Shortcut

When working in a dynamic office setting, where constant movement from one workstation to another is common, ensuring the security of sensitive information on your computer is crucial. The “Windows + L” keyboard shortcut serves as a reliable ally in such situations. By pressing this combination, your computer immediately locks, requiring you to re-enter your password to regain access, thus safeguarding your data from unauthorized access.

2. Switch Between Excel Windows Efficiently

In the midst of multitasking and managing multiple Excel files simultaneously, using keyboard shortcuts for window navigation can save valuable time. Employing “Alt + Tab” allows for quick switching between open Excel windows in a flattened, minimized view, while “Windows + Alt” presents a 3D view, enabling seamless navigation through multiple Excel windows with ease.

3. Print Specific Excel Data

When needing to print only a specific portion of an Excel spreadsheet, rather than the entire document, the “Print Area” feature comes in handy. Simply select the desired data range, set it as the print area through “Page Layout” > “Print Area” > “Set Print Area,” and proceed with printing. This ensures that only the selected data is printed, saving paper and streamlining printing processes.

4. Freeze Rows or Columns in Excel

Maintaining visibility of important rows or columns while scrolling through extensive Excel sheets can be challenging. The “Freeze Panes” feature resolves this issue efficiently. By selecting the desired row or column and using “Freeze Top Row” or “Freeze First Column” under the “View” tab, respectively, users can keep essential headers or data visible at all times, enhancing readability and data analysis.

5. Quickly Reference Values in Excel Status Bar

Excel’s status bar provides valuable insights into data statistics, including average, count, minimum, maximum, and sum, without the need for complex formulas. By selecting data, users can instantly view these statistics on the status bar, facilitating

6. Convert Columns to Rows and Vice Versa

When you have a spreadsheet like this:

[Example spreadsheet]

But you want the categories to be in rows and the months to be in columns, here’s what you can do:

Select the data range => Copy => Right-click => Paste Special

When the menu appears, choose “Transpose” and click OK. The result will be:


7. Convert Text Case Easily

When dealing with a messy list of names like this and you want them all to be in uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize the first letter, here’s the solution:

We have Column A as the original list of names. Here are a few options:

  • To convert to all uppercase: Use the UPPER function.
  • To convert to all lowercase: Use the LOWER function.
  • To capitalize the first letter: Use the PROPER function.

8. Open Multiple Excel Sheets at Once

When you need to work with multiple Excel files simultaneously, instead of opening them one by one, you can open several files at once with a simple trick:

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the files you want to open, then press Enter.

9. Print Excel Documents with Consistent Headers

When printing a document from Excel, you might encounter the annoying issue of losing headers on subsequent pages, making it difficult to identify the data. Here’s how to fix it:

Step 1: Go to “Page Layout” => “Page Setup” => Select the “Sheet” tab.

Step 2: In the Sheet tab, find the “Rows to repeat at top” option, which repeats the top row (headers) on every printed page. Click to select the row containing your headers, then click “Ok.”

After completing Step 2, subsequent pages will retain the selected headers, ensuring consistency and clarity in your printed documents.

10. Quickly Navigate Between Excel Sheets or Browser Tabs

During your work, you often need to switch between sheets in Excel or tabs in your web browser to access different data. Instead of using the mouse, which can be time-consuming, use the shortcut Ctrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Page Down to navigate between sheets or browser tabs seamlessly and professionally without the need for a mouse.

These ten office tricks are incredibly useful for office workers, helping to save time and demonstrate proficiency in office productivity tools. In implementing these techniques, may you find success in your endeavors!

quick data analysis and decision-making.


In conclusion, mastering these ten invaluable office tricks is essential for office workers, particularly accountants, seeking to optimize their efficiency and proficiency in Excel. By incorporating these techniques into their workflow, individuals can save time, streamline processes, and demonstrate professionalism in their Excel skills. Ultimately, these tricks contribute to enhanced productivity and success in the workplace.

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